IsoPlan viewer details

Council district and regional plans are inherently complex documents, with many different planning rules determined by which zone a property lies in. Imagine being able to prepare a plan specific to a single property. This is IsoPlans core feature using GIS as the filtering mechanism to make this possible.

No more reading over a thousand pages of rules to work out what you can and can’t do on a property. Add to this advanced searching capabilities and you have a powerful tool, not only for members of the public but also for planning professionals.

IsoPlan is also perfect for shorter plans, such as Annual Plans and LTPs

Web Portal

We have a very powerful plan viewer, which provides far more than a PDF ever could. Easy navigation, hyperlinks both within and external to the plan, search any word or phrase.

Works on any device

As you would expect in this modern era, the viewer is accessible from a desktop, down to a mobile, and no loss of functionality as it scales down. Ok, so reading an entire lengthy plan on your smartphone is never going to be a great experience, but with our property/activity/land use searches it makes it simple.

Standing on a property or vacant lot you want to buy? Quickly find what's permitted (or not).

Property Specific

This is where our system really stands out. By using the power of location, search for a property and our system can then look at councils (or other) GIS systems to figure out what is relevant, such as zoning, ordinances and any overlay. Sounds scary to manage? Not with our maintenance tool, a simple tick of each section/chapter/line of text is all it takes.

Can I build...?

Following on from property specific searches, can I build further filters the text that's presented back to the user.

Compare Tool

Want to know what's changed from the previous version? We show changes highlighted between any version/change within the plan, with a simple colour coding mechanism.