Content Editing Features

Being able to view a plan is one thing, but the planning team need to be able to maintain it. This is one of IsoPlans strengths, a fully functional editing tool that allows the maintenance of plan text, GIS rules and a whole lot more.

With full change tracking features maintenance of the plan becomes easy. Revisions can also be marked as private, enabling external parties such as consultants access to non public plan text.

Rule Editing

Content should be easy to update (or even draft from scratch). Our internal editor has been designed to be as easy to use as Word, while offering some advanced tools to aid day to day tasks.

Manage definitions, hyperlinks both internal and external to the content, glossaries, supporting notes and much more.

Plan Changes

When going through a formal Plan Change process, IsoPlan provides functionality to manage these processes in isolation to the live content, and each other.

Draft the changes, send for approval, and once ready a simple click of a button makes it available on the public viewer.

And once the change has gone through it's full process and is ready to be merged into the live version, again, a simple click of a button is all that's needed.

Revision History

Once a version of your documents are ready to publish, a new revision can be created. IsoPlan holds a full history of revisions, meaning historical revision can be viewed and queried, just like the current version.

These revisions can also be linked to GIS versions, which means the system always displays the relevant information on both current and historical versions.

Supporting Documents

Supporting information can be attached to a chapter or individual rules, with items (not restricted to) including legal opinions, interpretations, guidance notes. These can be targeted to internal, private or public views.

These can also be links to a document management system or any other URL whether internal or external to your organisation.

Change tracking

So you've changed the content, but how do you know at a quick glance what's changed along the process? IsoPlan's powerful content change system makes this a breeze.

From full change history for a line of text, to planning workflows such as peer review and manager approval. And like our public tool, we can show change comparison with a simple colour coding mechanism.


Want to change your plan layout, colours, styling, logos etc? You can here, with multiple options to tailor your site to match to your existing brand.

And More

This page just touches on all the capabilities, ask us for more details on everything we can offer.