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Spatial Software and Planning

Isovist are a Wellington based company whose focus is to provide quality software services.


We are proficient in GIS systems, from Desktop to Server using mainly ESRI technologies. We have in depth knowledge of Spatial data and geodatabases, and integrating GIS with other systems such as Asset Management and Enterprise systems.


Alongside our IT experts, our team includes experienced resource management planners. Their knowledge and understanding places us at the forefront in the development of on-line tools aimed at making complex planning processes simpler to navigate, operate and to understand.


With so many fragmented systems implemented in councils, linking information can often be challenging. We have experience in integrating systems, whether by software, or by Data. GIS will often play a crucial part in this process, and Isolink is the perfect tool for the job.

Custom Software

Isovist concentrates on developing software for Local Authorites, whether it's integration, web applications or database development. Our team has years of experience in developing software solutions for a wide variety of clients.

Our Process

Here is an overview of how we approach each new project.


  • Client interview
  • Scoping
  • Create strategy
  • Design


  • Engage
  • Feedback
  • Analyse ideas
  • Action


  • Code development
  • Feedback
  • Repeat
  • Deliver

Our Work

A brief example of our client work which represent both our planning and software capabilities.

Our Products

A porfolio of our products, all available now.

  • All
  • Planning
  • Integration
  • GIS
  • Water
IsoPlan RMA Planning Software
Isolink Link to any system
Harbours Keep your waterways safe
Emergency/Incident Management Simple but effective field apps
YourDocs Public access to your document system
YourSay Submissions made easy

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Our Core Team

Our core team of highly experienced software and planning specialists are backed up by a number of contractors

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